Every year, thousands of pet families drop their pet insurance coverage. And every year, thousands of pet families join PetAfford. Why? Because our Veterinary Discount Plan is a great value that saves pet families millions of dollars every year.


PetAfford utilizes the PetAssure network*

Pet insurance is complex and difficult.  PetAfford is simple and easy.   {More Info}
Pet insurance has a lot of exclusions. PetAfford has no exclusions. {More Info }
Pet insurance is expensive.
PetAfford is affordable
{More Info}

PetAfford is a low-cost alternative to veterinary pet insurance.

We give you the same low price regardless of your pet's age and we accept any pet - you can even enroll pets with pre-existing conditions. And unlike pet insurance, PetAfford has no exclusions, no deductibles and no claim forms to fill out and mail - the veterinary practice staff will give you your savings right at the time of service, even on routine petcare.

Check out our pet insurance comparison page and decide for yourself. Whether you are looking for dog insurance, cat insurance or pet health insurance for any type of pet, PetAfford is the pet plan that can pay for itself year after year.

Veterinary Pet
Discount Plan

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